Who We Are

Curating events that are invested in what we do best and that's sharing
a love for stitching and embroidery through self expression and creation

Expert Planned
Stitching & Embroidery Events

Our first priority is people and the second is respect for a craft that allows us to come together as we share, explore, and engage in moments that will develop long lasting memories. Any event should be vested in quality and thus with our understanding of what it takes to make an experience, our events integrate all facets of togetherness and subject matter knowledge.

We pride ourselves on having an identity that serves as a market leading business that specializes in coupling cross stitching and embroidery logistics with the people who love it most. When we think of “retreat” we envision a getaway and being able to escape to a safe space and that’s what The Stitching Bee Retreat has done!

All it takes is the purchase of a hotel room + your event ticket, the packing of your bags, and the understanding that we’ve taken care of the rest for you.

Our signature is to plan so you can retreat, and with the Stitching Bee Retreat that’s our pride and promise.

  • Classes
  • Shopping
  • Exchanges of Items
  • Door Prizes
  • Relaxation and Breaks
  • Opportunities to Network
  • Moments to Share with Friends
  • The Making of New Friends